How Do You Get Over the Self-Imposed Sticker Shock?

I’ve been working on building up my professional site, thinking up some killer blog post ideas for it, gathering some (embarrassingly) flattering testimonials from my best clients, and am almost ready to launch it — all I need is a good head shot for the front page and a “rates” page. And that’s where I’m getting cold feet. I’m looking at the Writer’s Market rates…and

On the Issue of Pen Names/Business Names

I’ve been chasing my tail on this topic for a few days now and have worked myself up into a frenzy of confusion, so I’m coming to you O Wise Ones. Here’s the deal: For three years now, I’ve been writing under my real name.  Fiction (and some related things, like the column I have at a horror webzine) under T.L. Bodine, nonfiction (and any