Do you have any Other Ideas?

Last week was an interesting one for me in terms of responses to query letters. Two editors got back to me via email, both with the same response: we like your style and ideas, but have done too much like this in the past. Do you have any other ideas that we can run with?

While some freelance writers may see this as a bad thing, it is anything but that. In fact, I was greatly encouraged. It means that the editors are in tune with my ideas and want to work with me. They just need me to take a different angle in order for us to get started.

What did I do, you may ask? Within a few minutes I formulated several new ideas and sent them off to the editor. The first editor loved two of my ideas, and told me to immediately get started. The other one is still looking for a way to “work me in.”

It would be nice if every pitch turned into a gig. Unfortunately, things do not work like that in the freelance writing industry. But as you can see from my experiences, there may be times when you can turn a negative into a positive. If your first pitch does not go over well, don’t give up just yet. Editors are more than willing to hear you out, time and time again.

As long as you are always formulating new ideas and sending queries, something will eventually break your way. Make sure you are willing to stray from your original pitch, especially if it will lead to a good opportunity.

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Chris is a full-time freelance writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He specializes in web content, sales copy, and many other forms of writing. Chris has two books in print, as well as hundreds of articles in local and nationwide publications.

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