When we talk about freelance writing jobs, we usually focus on nonfiction writing like magazine features or business documents. We talk about that side of freelance writing more for two reasons. First, it's where most of the jobs are. It's also where most of the money will come from for the bulk of us. But there's another side of freelance writing -- writing fiction on a freelance basis.

If freelance fiction writing is something you want to pursue, here are three freelance writing job sources you should look into.

Literary Journals

These are publications (in print, and in more recent years also online) that focus entirely on creative works. For example, rather than nonfiction articles populating more common magazines, these are filled with things like short stories, poetry, and literary criticism. Some literary journals pay nothing for submissions. Pay rates for paying markets can vary widely.


These are books collecting short stories from multiple authors. While you'll come across plenty of anthologies that don't pay contributors, many others do. Pay usually isn't much -- anything from a small token payment to a few hundred dollars in rarer cases. But it can be a great way to get some short fiction published to help you build your writer platform before releasing your own story collection or novel.

Just make sure the anthology is coming from a reputable publisher with a history in your genre. If they'll accept just about anything submitted to them and they have little, if any, editorial oversight, then you probably don't want your work appearing in that anthology.

Consumer Magazines

Some larger consumer magazines also accept freelance fiction submissions. For example, some women's magazines run serials or brief stories each month. This is even more common in children's magazines where short stories and poems are often published in greater quantities.

Where else do you find freelance fiction writing jobs? Leave a comment to share your ideas and favorite markets.