Hi all!

For 5+ years of freelance writing, I worked with different clients: naive, awkward, dishonest, leary, and just wonderful. I did my best proofreading and editing before sending texts but never bothered about plagiarism issues: wrote articles from scratch, didn't steal content, and was sure my texts were original...

But lately, one client returned my text and said he couldn't accept it because the text was plagiarized! He uses free online tools to check freelancers' writings for duplications, and it appeared that my text originality was 63%... (What seemed odd to me - he refused to tell which resources he used in particular). Well, I decided to beat him at his own game and used the PlagiarismCheck tool to see if the results were the same. 97% of originality! Surprise-surprise! I sent him the detailed report from the tool, and he accepted the text. But, you know, this case had left a nasty taste in the mouth, anyway

It seems I am gonna check all my texts for duplications before sending them to clients now. Do you do so? Have your clients ever accused you of plagiarism? How do you prove you didn't copy your works from others?

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