At least once per week I receive an email asking the same question: Chris, how much time per day do you spend on marketing? This is a very important question, but for the most part it is one that does not have a "set" answer.

Everyday is different in terms of marketing. For instance, one day I may send three query letters but the next focus on calling current clients and asking for referrals. While these are two entirely different tasks, they both help to drum up new business.

In terms of time, no two marketing tasks are the same. It takes me longer to research and write a query letter than it does to call a client and briefly talk about referrals.

Even though there is no cut-and-dry answer to this common question, I have formulated the following tips:

  1. Make sure you do something marketing related everyday. It does not matter if it takes you two hours or two minutes, when you are marketing your services you are putting yourself in position to land a new client and earn more money.
  2. If you have down time it would suit you well to turn to your marketing plan. There is bound to be time during your week when you are not writing. Instead of browsing the internet or slacking off, let your marketing plan guide you towards doing something productive.
  3. New freelance writers have more time for marketing. Since you donโ€™t yet have a large client base, it is safe to say that your day will be far from full. If you want to change this in the near future, start marketing your services in as many ways as you know how.

Remember this: it does not matter how much time you spend on marketing. What matters is that your marketing plan is generating new clients and increased income.

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