From time to time I run into this situation: my schedule becomes so full of projects that I barely have enough time to market my services. While it would be easy to let this slide for a few weeks (or even longer) I know that marketing is the key to long term success. For this reason, I always find time to send query letters, make cold calls, etc.

You are probably wondering how I find time, right? Well, the answer to this question is easy enough: I work it into my schedule no matter what it takes. As noted above, it is easy to skip on marketing related tasks when you have so much work on your plate. But when you make this a top priority, finding time never seems quite as difficult.

Personally, I wait until I get “bored” with writing and then spend 30 to 60 minutes on marketing. Not only does this ensure that I am working my marketing plan, but it gives me a break from continuous writing. When I finally make my way back to client projects I am refreshed. On top of this, I have a huge smile on my face thanks to my marketing efforts.

Even if you have a full schedule you must make time for marketing – I cannot stress this strongly enough. If you forget to market your services, day after day, things will dry up sooner or later. At that point, you will find yourself scrambling and hoping to pick-up a few jobs here and there.

The best way to make time for marketing is to avoid excuses and force yourself into doing this. Don’t let up!

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