Journalists. Public relations professionals. Frenemies of the highest order.

No doubt you've seen journalists and bloggers complain about bad PR pitches. You may have even seen them here (like this lazy pitch from Upwork).

Despite the tendency of writers to call out PR folks, the truth is many of us need them. We need their clients and employers as sources for stories. We need access to events. We need review materials. And we all know PR folks need writers (hence all those pitches clogging our inboxes).

Given that I've worked on both sides of the fence (and still do), I was asked to contribute a piece to Muck Rack exploring pet peeves not only from the perspective of journalists and bloggers, but also from those much-maligned PR pros.

So I did, with a bit of help.

Rather than share my own stories, I reached out to my network to hear yours. I ended up going with seven hand-picked professionals and one new connection made through a trusted PR colleague. And they had plenty of interesting stories to share.

Check out the post to see if their stories represent your own experiences. You can also feel free to share the image below on your blog or social media accounts (but please link it back to Muck Rack).

A big thank you to Jason Falls, Kristi Hines, Paula Hendrickson, Jeremy Pepper, Philippa Willitts, Ike Pigott, Helen Reynolds, and Lori Widmer for weighing in.

PR Pros vs Journalists - Pet Peeve Showdown -

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