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Writers Worth Month Roundup 2016

Read Time: 2 min

Every May, Lori Widmer runs Writers Worth Month over on the Words on the Page blog. She features a collection of guest posts, profiles of experienced freelance writers, and her own tips and insight into realizing our worth (and getting paid what we're worth) as freelance professionals.

Each year I take part in this month-long event. This year I submitted a guest post and was profiled, sharing some of my backstory plus advice on using guest posts to land better freelance writing jobs.

At the end of the event, I also usually post a roundup of Lori's (and her guests') content for those of you who missed it. It's that time again. So here you have it, the 2016 collection of Writers Worth Month tips, advice, stories, and profiles that can help you earn more as a freelance writer.

So there you go -- a bit of weekend reading where you can get to know other experienced freelancers and find new ways to be fairly compensated for your writing.

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4 thoughts on “Writers Worth Month Roundup 2016”

  1. Thanks for the compilation, Jenn! I’m hoping to get it all together into an e-book by next week. Still working on permissions.

    Thanks once again for your contributions. 🙂

  2. I know I read Lori’s blog every day in May (of course I tend to check it every day anyway), but seeing a list of all the posts really shows how much great advice and insights Lori rounded up this year. Congratulations on the best Writers Worth Month yet!


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