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Note: This post originally appeared at FreelanceTheater.com on February 9, 2010. The Freelance Theater audio play series is now a part of All Freelance Writing.

One of the sometimes best / sometimes worst aspects of freelancing is how much time you'll spend working alone. While it can be nice to avoid the politics and drama of a traditional office environment, there is also no 5pm closure reminding you to go home and no one to talk to on a whim (especially if you're working in the dead of night). If you live alone on top of working alone, it can be even worse. Maybe you'll even start talking to yourself. But what would happen if someone else were actually listening in, and you weren't quite as alone in your head as you thought?

That's what we'll explore in this episode from the MadLance series, "Late Shift." Can you relate at all to Chuck? (By the way, Chuck is played by Clint Osterholz, our very first guest star here at Freelance Theater, so be sure to welcome him!)

Late Shift - Freelance Theater - The MadLance Series

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