Should I take a Break from Marketing?

When you work as a freelance writer you will soon find one thing to be true: there are times when you are super busy and it seems like every deadline lands on the same day. Along with this, there are times when you are not nearly as busy and are searching for new work.

With this in mind, you may often struggle with the question of whether or not you should take a break from marketing your services.

On one side of things, when you are busy you may be tempted to cut marketing out of your daily plan and focus on the jobs that you already have.

On the other side, when you don’t have as much work you will be tempted to ramp up your marketing plan in an attempt to find clients who can fill the dead period.

Personally, I never stop marketing my services. Instead, I change my approach based on how busy I am at the present time. For example, if my schedule is booked I back off a bit – but I don’t stop altogether. But if I have a few open slots and am looking for work, I pick up the pace and begin to prospect a bit more heavily.

Fluctuations in the amount of time you put into your marketing plan are common. One day you may spend a few hours on marketing and other days you overlook this entirely. As long as you are consistent with your approach, you will find it easier to ensure a steady flow of work.

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1 thought on “Should I take a Break from Marketing?”

  1. Taking a break from anything for awhile can be a good thing. Helps to get a fresh perspective on what you’re doing, potentially opens the door for big changes. Especially if in your case, you’re already busy with other things, such as paying customers, which usually have some type of an appropriate priority in a business environment. Good idea to have a few different strategies to adapt with.


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