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The main goal of attending networking events is to meet as many people as possible. During this time, you are sure to ask your fair share of questions. At the same time, there will be quite a few inquiries directed your way.

Time after time, I am asked the same questions at these events. At first, I was not prepared for these questions and often times had a difficult time addressing them in a confident manner. Now, things have become much easier.

Do you have time to work for me?

This is a question that I never expected, but has seemed to become more and more popular with every event that I attend. Obviously, there is only one answer to this question: yes! You never want to tell a prospective client that you may be too busy to work with them.

What are your rates?

Attempting to answer this question, without knowing all the details of the project, is very dangerous. Rather than get into the finer details of your pricing structure, explain that your rates are competitive and that you can provide an accurate quote, via phone or email, once you learn more.

Can you provide me with samples?

I don’t make it a habit of carrying samples with me at these events. However, I know several freelancers who strongly believe in doing so. Instead, I always collect business cards and email samples upon returning to the office. Not only does this make things easier on both parties, but it gives me a reason to follow-up.

You can expect to hear these questions, time and time again, when attending networking events.

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