105 Ways to Make a Living Writing

Is your goal for 2015 to finally make a living writing? Whether you're ready to quit your day job to make a living as a writer full-time or you're looking to increase your existing writing income, the opportunities are practically endless.

If you aren't sure where to start, or if you're worried that there aren't enough potential writing gigs to go around, consider this. Just about everything involves a writer in some way.

The news and information we consume involve writers. The books, films, television shows, radio programs, and websites we entertain ourselves with involve writers. The products we surround ourselves with were likely sold to us with the help of writers. We, and businesses, rely on writing on a daily basis with things like blogs and social media updates. And because of that, it's easier than ever to make a living writing, no matter what kinds of projects you want to pursue.

Not everyone wants to, or can, handle all of their own writing projects. That's where freelance writers come in. But there are also plenty of opportunities to make a living writing for yourself as well -- such as monetizing your own blog or publishing books and e-books.

Need some examples of types of writing projects you can pursue this year? Here are 105 projects that can help you make a living writing.

105 Ways to Make a Living Writing in 2015

Make a living writing:

  1. Ad copy
  2. Advertorials / sponsored content
  3. Annual reports
  4. Anthologies
  5. Audio scripts
  6. Backgrounders
  7. Biographies
  8. Blog posts
  9. Book back cover copy
  10. Book Proposals
  11. Booklets / pamphlets
  12. Books (ghostwritten)
  13. Brochures
  14. Business / industry reports
  15. Business letters
  16. Business plans
  17. Calls to action
  18. Case Studies
  19. Children's books
  20. Clinical reports
  21. Columns
  22. Comic books
  23. Comic strips / cartoons
  24. Consumer magazine articles
  25. Contracts and other legal documents
  26. Course supplements
  27. Cover letters
  28. Curated content
  29. Direct mail pieces
  30. E-books and guides
  31. Email marketing copy
  32. Employee manuals
  33. Essays
  34. Fact sheets
  35. Family histories
  36. Flash fiction
  37. Fliers
  38. Forms and worksheets
  39. Game scripts
  40. Grant proposals
  41. Greeting cards
  42. Handbooks
  43. Infographic content
  44. Interviews
  45. Job descriptions
  46. Jokes / satire
  47. Knowledge base content / FAQs
  48. Landing pages
  49. Linkbait / Sharebait
  50. Listicles
  51. Live event coverage / commentary
  52. Marketing plans
  53. Media advisories
  54. Medical documentation
  55. Memoirs
  56. Memos
  57. Mission statements
  58. Newsletter articles
  59. Newspaper articles (journalism)
  60. Nonfiction books (other than those already listed)
  61. Novellas
  62. Novels
  63. Online features
  64. Op-eds
  65. Personal letters (anything from love letters to consumer complaints)
  66. Pitch letters
  67. Plays
  68. Poetry
  69. Position papers
  70. Presentation scripts
  71. Presentation slides
  72. Press kit / Media room content
  73. Press releases
  74. Product descriptions
  75. Product Manuals
  76. Product packaging copy
  77. Proposals
  78. Public service announcements
  79. Real estate listing copy
  80. Repair manuals
  81. Resumes
  82. Reviews
  83. Sales letters
  84. Scientific / technical reports
  85. Screenplays
  86. SEO web content
  87. Short bios (professionals, musicians, etc.)
  88. Short stories
  89. Slogans and taglines
  90. Social media profiles
  91. Social media updates
  92. Songs
  93. Speeches
  94. Summaries (of books, events, audio, etc.)
  95. Survey / poll questions
  96. Technical spec sheets
  97. Television scripts
  98. Test questions
  99. Textbooks
  100. Trade publication articles
  101. Travel guides
  102. Tutorials
  103. Video scripts
  104. Web copy
  105. White papers

I have no doubt that I missed plenty of writing projects in this list. So leave a comment and tell me how you plan to make a living writing this year. What kinds of projects do you plan to take on? Will you write mostly for yourself or for freelance clients?

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