All successful freelance writers have a marketing plan. That being said, changes may be needed on a regular basis. Although you do not want to be quick to jump ship, there may come a time when you need to abandon your marketing plan. Here are three times when this makes sense:

  1. If your marketing plan has failed you for an extended period of time. Have you gone several months without finding a new gig? Are you worried about what the future holds for your plan? If you have not been achieving the results you are after, now may be the time to think about making a change. You don’t have to take on a total overhaul – but some changes are probably necessary.
  2. When you are attracting the wrong types of jobs. Some freelance writers have a lot of success with generating new clients. The problem is that they are not getting involved with the types of projects they enjoy. While a new client is always a big deal, the project must fit your wants and needs in terms of type, topic, and of course, pay rate.
  3. When you feel like there is something better out there. At some point you may get tired of what you are doing. Maybe you are making hundreds of cold calls per week, and are quickly growing bored with this. If your heart is not into a particular plan you are not going to give it your all. In turn, your progress will suffer. Don’t be afraid to search for something better.

Are you in one of the three positions detailed above? If so, you may want to think about abandoning your marketing plan and starting from scratch.

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