5 of the Best Premium WordPress Themes for Authors

If you're thinking about launching a new author website or blog on WordPress, a good place to start is choosing an appropriate design. Today I'd like to share a bit of inspiration.

Here are some of the best premium WordPress themes for authors that I've recently come across. These themes are designed to do more than host your author blog. They're designed to help you sell more books, whether that means serving as a simple landing page or integrating with WordPress e-commerce plugins to act as a complete storefront.

5 WordPress Themes for Authors


This theme is designed as a sales page for your books. The theme comes with a .psd e-book cover creator that lets you create book mock-ups using your cover designs. It's set up as a one-page site, but does let you integrate a separate blog area.

Ebookie WordPress Theme for AuthorsEbookie WordPress Theme for Authors

Price: $38  |  Learn more. / Buy it now.


This is a beautifully-clean theme, also designed with e-book sales in mind. Like E-bookie, it's designed to be a one-page landing page with a separate blog attached to the site. I may be mistaken, but as I understand it, you'll be able to add other standard WordPress pages, but not necessarily additional landing pages formatted like the homepage. So while it's ideal for an author selling a single book, it might not be the best fit if you're selling multiple books right now.

Ethority WordPress Theme for Authors

Price: $43  |  Learn more. / Buy it now.


If flat website designs are your style, you'll love FlatBook. Again, we have a one-page landing page design (are you sensing the current design trend yet?). And again, you can add a blog to the site.

FlatBook WordPress Theme for Authors

Price: $38  |  Learn more. / Buy it now.


If you want a more comprehensive WordPress theme to help you sell your books, you can't do much better than the JustLanded theme. While this might look similar to some of the other landing page themes on this list, there are some important differences. For example, you can create multiple landing pages (one for each book). It integrates with several popular email marketing services to help you build your subscriber list. And there's a free plugin available to integrate the JustLanded theme with WooCommerce so you can turn your author website into its own storefront.

JustLanded WordPress Theme for Authors

Price: $58  |  Learn more. / Buy it now.


Bookish is a gorgeous WordPress theme for authors, and it features four pre-made skins to give you more out-of-the-box designs to choose from. But unlike some of the other themes with one-page styles on the homepage, it also integrates with the WooCommerce plugin so you can turn your author website into a direct sales platform. And it's set up in a way where you can promote multiple titles, using internal sales pages for each of them. So while it's marketed as a one-page template, in reality it appears to be more flexible than that.

Bookish WordPress Theme for Authors

Price: $43  |  Learn more. / Buy it now.

Just for the record, I didn't set out to choose only Theme Forest themes here. But these were the ones that stood out the most to me. You should know that Theme Forest is a marketplace where many theme developers sell their work. The quality of their work varies, and they each provide their own support. So you need to check into each designer's reviews individually.

If these WordPress themes aren't the right fit for your author website or blog, consider some of these additional options:

  • Divi - from ElegantThemes.com
  • Publisher - from Templatic.com
  • Webbie - from ThemeForest.net
  • The Writer - from OboxThemes.com
  • eBook - from Templatic.com
  • Literary - from ThemeForest.net
  • Author - from CreativeMarket.com
  • Bookrev - from ThemeIsle.com
  • Brown - from ThemeForest.net

How about you? What are your favorite premium WordPress themes for authors? And, as an author, what are the most important features to you when choosing a theme for your website?

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