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Do Personal Blogs Have a Place in a Business Model?

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I'm planning to find out. I finally got around to launching a much more personal blog over at It's not a "journal" blog, but a personal-style blog being worked into my overall business model.

Why a Personal Blog?

I've been known on a few of my niche blogs to take very harshly critical views on things - essentially, I'm more likely to rant if something gets under my skin than talk about things I love. Why? Because most of the things I "love" out there wouldn't be relevant. They wouldn't be timely. And they wouldn't do anything for the audience.

JennSays is where I can talk about the "everything else" side - life, love, work, and play all rolled into one. I'm also going to be reviewing products, websites, and services there, especially sharing ones I really love - check out the YogaToes review as an example or tomorrow's review and comparison of three types of fudge (yep - I got to eat chocolate and call it work - why didn't I do this sooner?).

Now the fact that I'm planning to put some emphasis on sharing things I love doesn't mean it's going to be a constantly feel-good, warm, and gushy kind of blog. That's just not my style. It's going to be as tell-it-like-it-is as anything else, and I'll be sharing all kinds of thoughts and opinions, from what's in the news to talking about relationship issues. Should be fun.

Will it Make Money?

This is the real key as for whether or not this new blog will fit directly into my business model as I move closer and closer to full-time Web publishing on my own. I'm not currently planning to add things like Adsense. There are a few ads in the far right column, and I'll probably ad more eventually (but only to things I would genuinely recommend - and if it's there, it's going to eventually have a review on the site as well).

If products I recommend or review have affiliate programs I'm involved with, I may include their links (although having affiliate programs isn't a prerequisite to being plugged - YogaToes was the first and there's no affiliation there for intance - and I wouldn't use affiliate links if I give a negative review). I may eventually list a product or two of my own for sale there, but not really planning on it at the moment. Essentially all revenue for now will be from affiliates.

What do You Think?

Are any of you bloggers out there doing well enough financially with a personal-style blog to say it can work in a business model alongside other blogs? Have any of you found that it absolutely doesn't work? Just curious.

2 thoughts on “Do Personal Blogs Have a Place in a Business Model?”

  1. I personally aren’t interested in having my personal and life, other than perhaps travel log (but I really don’t have one yet), online.

    However, I’ve seen a few others who have a very unique personality and are able to secure sponsorship.

    An example would be, a Singaporean who is very successful with her personal blog.


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