make note taking fun

Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas in your head that you don't know what to do with them? Well then write them down! Perhaps you already do, but is your note-taking, idea-hoarding method really working well for you? Or do you manage to lose those notes anyway, making them useless for bringing those ideas back to life later on?

Thanks to Jenn Escalona putting white boards on the brain yesterday, I've decided you need a different kind of challenge today. Buy yourself a present. Ok. It's a work-related present, but you're a writer, so you're supposed to love this stuff anyway.

The Challenge

Get your hands on $10-20 (or even less if you'd like). Now go drive yourself to your nearest Staples, Target, Walmart, or wherever you like to get your basic office supplies. I'll wait....

There yet? Good.

Now scurry around the store looking at all of the cool little note-taking goodies. I bet you wont' want just one! But do that - pick one. Pick one you don't normally use. Now buy it.

Get yourself a white board. Buy some index cards. Pick up a notebook or composition book. It's back to school season afterall, so you should find great deals. Already have all of these things? Then buy yourself a nice new pen to play with (okay, so my idea of a nice pen is a blue Bic stic pen - seriously, it's torture to write with anything else - just one of my many writer quirks, up there with not being able to write with shoes on - yeah).

Now go back home....

Good. Sit down with your new toy and brainstorm. I don't care what you brainstorm. Jot down an idea for an e-book. Outline a client article. Draw smiley faces for all I care. But use it. Let yourself get whatever's in your head out. Maybe you'll find your new note-taking toy is better than what you usually use (I hate taking notes on a computer for example). Who knows? You may just find your new best friend in office productivity.

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