Free Scrivener Template for Bloggers: Manage a Single Blog

Recently I shared some of the reasons I now use Scrivener for blogging. In the comments on that post I promised to look into creating a simple template you can use. Today I’d like to share that Scrivener blogging template with you. About the Scrivener Blogging Template This simple template was designed to be used in managing your content strategy for a single blog. The

Scrivener for Blogging: Why Scrivener is the Ultimate Blogging Tool

A while back I mentioned that I was giving Scrivener a try. My hope was to use that writing software during last year’s NaNoWriMo instead of a standard word processor. That didn’t happen. I was still uncomfortable with the software at the time, and I worried it would slow me down. I’m still a Scrivener beginner by a long shot, but I’m finally putting it

Free Target Market Planner for Freelance Writers

Have you ever struggled to pinpoint the target market for your freelance writing services? If so, I have a free tool that might help. I decided to overhaul my old target market worksheet, previously only available to those who purchased my Web Writer’s Guide e-book which is no longer available. I’m releasing the updated version as a freebie. You’ll be able to find it in my collection

4 Tools for Freelance Writers (You Might Not Have Heard Of)

Being a freelancer is tough enough without having to worry about every single detail in your life. You would think with all the apps available you could find something to handle all the nitpicky stuff you hate to do. Well, all your dreams have come true! With the following tools you should be able to increase the time you have to run your business. 1.

10 Android Apps for Writers and Bloggers

My hubby recently decided that we should upgrade our phones, and we both went the Android route. I’ve spent a good bit of time setting things up for both personal and business use, and in the process I’ve come across some great apps that should improve my productivity. Here are five of my favorite Android apps so far (all free) that might be of interest

Book Review: The Freelancer's Bible

You may have heard of Freelancers Union, a nonprofit organization for freelancers, contractors, and independent workers. Sara Horowitz, who founded Freelancers Union, has released a comprehensive guide to freelancing – The Freelance Bible – that’s everything the title suggests. Sara’s accolades includes being named a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” fellow and one of Forbes’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs. Packed With Information As you’d expect of any book

Free Blog Business Plan Template

Recently we talked about how to write a blog business plan. As promised, I’ve put together a simple blog business plan template that you can use for your own niche or business blog. Why Have a Blog Business Plan? If you want to make money blogging, a blog business plan is a must. Business plans help you get a better picture of where your business

Why Google Chrome is my Favorite Multi-Blog Management Tool

It’s no secret that I manage multiple blogs. Currently I have 50 active WordPress installations — large blogs, small blogs, author sites, business sites, and several in various pre-launch phases. Every work day I have to manage these blogs, including the ones that haven’t launched yet. What does this include? Approving comments that are in moderation queues Deleting spam comments Upgrading any out of date

Freelance Writers: How do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

Working as freelance writers, we don’t have an employer or supervisor looking over our shoulder to hold us accountable for how we spend our time. Instead that responsibility falls on us. I’ve always been big on planning and organization to help me get more worked into my schedule. I keep daily and weekly to-do lists. I have four white boards and two bulletin boards in

Five Fabulous Books for Freelance Writers

Whether you’re a new freelance writer or you have decades of experience in freelancing, there is always more to learn. That’s why building a professional library is a smart idea. You can learn or refresh yourself on the basics of being in business for yourself. Good books for freelance writers can teach you about new marketing tactics you haven’t tried before. And if nothing else,

Free Monthly Marketing Calendar for Freelance Writers

I’ve decided to make some changes to my plans for the Web Writer’s Guide e-book. Rather than updating it and moving on with a series, it will remain as-is. Sometime in the next few months I’ll pull it off the market, and much of the information in that e-book will be worked into print books or e-books in the Query-Free Freelancer series. The problem with sticking with the Web Writer’s

AWAI's Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting

Today I’d like to share a special program from American Writers & Artists Inc. Do you wish you could rake in six figures writing for businesses? If you’ve ever considered a freelance writing career as a copywriter and you want to learn how make some serious dough, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting might be the kick you need. I’ve been promising these nice folks

September 2010 Book Club Discussion – The Wealthy Freelancer

Let’s get to this month’s book club discussion about The Wealthy Freelancer. As usual, I’ll pose 10 questions below. You can respond to all or just some of them in the comments below if you’ve read this book. You can also ask questions of other readers in the comments if you feel these don’t cover something that was important to you. The discussion will remain

June 2010 Book Club Discussion — The Well-Fed Writer

A few weeks ago you voted on our very first All Freelance Writing Virtual Book club pick-of-the-month — Peter Bowerman’s award-winning book, The Well-Fed Writer. Today we kick off that book club discussion. The comments will remain open on this post for a week, and extended for one additional week if they’re still fairly active at that point. Below are ten questions (some from me, and

SWOT Analysis Guide for Freelance Writers

Before you can think about marketing your freelance writing business, you need to know where you currently stand among your competition. Are you dealing with over-saturation in your specialty area? Are you lacking skills other freelance writers have, that clients want? Do you have something going for you that justifies charging higher rates than others? A SWOT analysis can help you figure those things out, and

One Page Business Plan Template

If you want to create a business plan for your freelance writing business, publishing business, or blogs, you might feel overwhelmed by traditional long-form business plans. If that sounds like you, you might enjoy this free one page business plan template I created as a part of my former Web Writers’ Guide e-book. You can use this one page business plan template (in .pdf format)

Free Keyword Density Analyzer for Freelance Writers

Today marks the release of another free tool for freelance writers — a free keyword density analyzer. Before you groan about the evils of SEO content though, check out the press release below for more details. It was made with writers in mind to help you not only improve keyword density based on client requests, but also improve readability! As with any press release, feel

Free Business Forms for Writers

With the new year fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to think about making your freelance writing business more “official.” Keeping better records will not only help you to work more productively, but it can help you protect your rights to your work and deal with difficult situations that may arise with clients. It’s always a good idea to get everything in writing, even if

Writers’ Resources: Press Release Writing

Today I’m going to tackle one of my own areas of expertise: press release writing (not sure why it took me so long). If you’re interested in PR writing (public relations writing), knowing how to write a press release is essential. Use these press release resources to help you learn how to write effective press releases for your clients (or yourself!) – please note, most

Writers' Resources: White Paper Writing

White papers can be a very lucrative field for freelance business writers. If it’s something you’re interested in pursuing, the following resources may help you learn a thing or two about writing white papers: Articles on Writing White Papers: How to Write a White Paper (my article on a client’s blog) Getting Off the Starting Block: Practical Tips to Starting a White Paper How to

Review of The Publishing Primer: A Blueprint for an Author’s Success

The following is a brief review of a new e-book, The Publishing Primer: A Blueprint for an Author’s Success, by Dee Power and Brian Hill (the authors of The Making of a Bestseller: Success Stories from Authors and the Editors, Agents, and Booksellers Behind Them, as well as several other nonfiction books and the novel, Over Time): When Dee first mentioned the title of this