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How to Use Skeleton Outlines to Write Faster

A fellow writer mentioned client projects sometimes took longer than they hoped, so they wanted to learn to write faster in order to avoid this. While there are plenty of ways you can increase your writing speed, one tip I gave them was to use “skeleton outlines.” I worked through the beginning stages of of a skeleton outline while they watched to show how quick … read more

How to Prepare Your Professional Website for a Break

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, and you just need to step away and take some time to yourself? Maybe you still intend to work, but you just want some quiet time away from other people while you do so you can recharge and clear your head a bit. When that happens, what should you do with your professional website? You might be inclined to leave … read more

Bullet Journal Update: Can They Help Your Writing Career?

Earlier this month I shared my plans for using a bullet journal not only to manage my writing business, but my life in a broader sense. I told you I’d update you on how that was going at the end of January. And, my, how time flies, because we’re just about there. So here’s my bullet journal update. Overall, I’m happy with my bullet journals. … read more

Are You Working the Wrong Freelance Writing Schedule?

Do you ever look at your fellow freelance writers and wonder how they seem to fit so much into their days? Do you struggle to get through your daily to-do lists? Have you felt forced to work more than 40 hours per week to take care of projects you’ve gotten behind on? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you might be working the … read more

Spring Cleaning for Freelance Writers

I spent time yesterday afternoon meandering around my gardens, taking in the scent of hyacinths while I looked in on some of my favorite flower beds. It was warm, after a rather chilly morning up here on the hill. And it hit me… It’s spring. Yes. I know it’s been spring for a while now. But with unseasonably late snowstorms flip-flopping with 70+ degree days, … read more

Math as Motivation for Writers (No, Really!)

I don’t believe in perfection. Just two things in this world come close: Music and math. They’re the only two truly universal languages. One can solve almost any problem. The other can touch any soul. And a world without either is one I can’t bear to imagine. Today I’d like to talk about math. I can already sense some of you cringing. But bear with … read more

Paralyzing Fear and Creative Professions

Creative work is unlike any other job you could take on. When you create, you leave a piece of yourself behind for the world to see. There’s a certain amount of vulnerability involved. That vulnerability can make it difficult to separate you, the artist, from your art. And that can lead to paralyzing fear of sharing your work. If you’ve ever dreaded sharing a creative project for … read more

How Writers Can Prepare Now for a Productive New Year

I don’t know about you, but I am so done with 2016. One more week of work for me, and then I’m off until January. When I come back from my holiday vacation, I like to hit the ground running with my work. Everything is planned, organized and ready to go before that clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve. Because of that early planning and prep … read more