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Cathy Miller to Guest Co-Host the Writers’ Podcast

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I have a quick update for regular listeners of the All Freelance Writing Podcast. Due to some contractor work here this week I didn't have as much quiet time as usual to record and edit the latest podcast episode. Rather than rush it tonight and release something I'm not proud of, I've decided to postpone this episode by one week. That means episode eight will be released on Thursday, February 12th.

This will not impact the schedule for episode nine which will still be released on February 19th.

Along those lines, I'd like to announce that Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business will be stepping in as my guest co-host for that February 19th episode. She will be my third guest co-host (and you'll see my first, Princess Jones, return in the spring).

Cathy, like Lori Widmer who co-hosted episode seven, is one of my three "go-to gals." These are the fellow writers that I trust the most to tell it like it is and help me keep my head on straight no matter how crazy things get. And Cathy is probably the most level-headed of the bunch of us. She's like a perpetual reality check.

Cathy is a fellow business writer. And in episode nine we'll chat about ghostwriting for businesses. That will include:

  • ghostblogging;
  • ghostwriting for trade publications;
  • why ghostwriting gigs can be some of the most desirable freelance writing jobs around;
  • how to find decent ghostwriting gigs;
  • tips on finding (and writing in) the voice of your clients.

I hope you'll join us on the 19th. In the meantime, why not catch up on the latest episode to listen to my chat with Lori Widmer about everyday marketing for freelance writers? You can check it out below.

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