Episode 25: Real-Time Brainstorming of Story Ideas

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This episode of the podcast is unlike any that have come before. I brought in a special guest co-host: my sister, Kate. When I need to flesh out story ideas or bounce ideas off of someone, I sometimes turn to Kate to help me work past problems and fill in holes.

In this episode, rather than chat a writing-related issue, we instead tackle several prompts related to murder mysteries and horror writing. In other words, we put our process on display, letting you watch us come up with story ideas in real-time.

My hope is that you'll either pick up ideas about the brainstorming process itself or that you might even find story ideas from some of the things we chat about. These are very high-level brainstorming examples because we're tackling several in one conversation. Normally we'd go more in-depth on a single topic.

I do plan to tackle a few myself (such as the feminist vampire screenplay and murder game story we mentioned). But if you get ideas and want to use some of our chat as a jumping off point for something else, run with it (and I'd love to hear about what you come up with later).

Extended Cut

Because I was concerned about the show running short due to us combining a couple of exercises early on, I tossed in some additional prompts related to my actual projects and from another email submission. So, go figure. It ran long instead.

Our chat actually lasted around three hours. I pared it down to a little under two hours for an extended cut. If you want to hear us go through all the exercises, this is one you'll want to hear. If you'd like a shorter version with about 40 minutes shaved off, you can find it embedded at the end of this page.

Show Notes

Full show notes for this episode will be added soon.

Standard Cut

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