Episode 29: Staying Focused on Freelance Work During the Summer

In this episode I tackle a community member's question about losing focus during the summer when they'd rather be outside enjoying the sun or taking time away to go on vacation.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 29: Staying Focused on Freelance Work During the Summer”

  1. I’ve never gotten why people spend so much money on vacations when they may relax without even going anywhere. The podcaster and most other visitors of this website, as freelancers, obviously are people of “like to stay at home” type, just like me; that’s exactly the reason why I chose to make online proofreading service reviews instead of working at office. Moreover, why waste money on resorts when you still have to work most part of the day instead of lying on a beach and drinking Pina Colada? Are there many freelancers that actually go on full vacations? Would be interesting to hear.

    • People go on vacation for all sorts of reasons. Some do it to visit far-off family. Some simply for the love of travel. Not all freelancers just want to stay at home. And when we do our job correctly, we shouldn’t have to work part of the day “instead of lying on a beach and drinking pina colada.” You charge enough to pay yourself benefits like vacation time, and when you’re off, you’re off. Freelancers are both employer and employee in a sense. And forgetting to do those things on the employer side (like making sure they charge enough to account for vacation time, sick days, health insurance, and other benefits) is a huge, and very common, mistake.


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