Princess Jones to Guest Co-Host the All Freelance Writing Podcast

Just a quick announcement:

Princess Jones will be my first guest co-host on the All Freelance Writing Podcast, co-hosting the third episode scheduled for Thursday, November 20th.

As mentioned in the first episode, I'll bring on occasional guest co-hosts for casual, frank discussions rather than taking the traditional route of bringing on interview subjects.

In the upcoming episode, Princess and I will discuss negative book reviews, some of the craziest reactions authors have had, and how you can deal with negative reviews without following their examples and making a complete ass of yourself.

Other Podcast News

A couple of other tid bits to pass along:

  1. Don't forget, you could win a copy of The Beginner's Guide to Writing Quality Online Contentby Alicia Rades if you enter the giveaway by 5pm Eastern today (Monday, Nov. 10th). To enter, all you have to do is email with a blogging-related question to be tackled during a future episode. Please include the word "Podcast" in your subject line.
  2. I'm aware that the feed subscription (both the direct feed and the iTunes feed) aren't being updated. I've made Soundcloud aware of the problem and am waiting for a response from them. In the meantime, if you've missed the second episode of the podcast, you can listen to it below or listen and check out the show notes at

All blogging-related questions that come in for this giveaway (or in the weeks following) will be included in a special episode of the podcast on December 4th where I'll focus entirely on answering your blogging questions. Feel free to email those questions to, use the contact form on the main Podcast page, leave me a voicemail at 484-575-1345, or post your questions in a comment below. If you don't want your name mentioned in the episode, please make that clear when you submit your question.

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6 thoughts on “Princess Jones to Guest Co-Host the All Freelance Writing Podcast”

  1. You tried something new!! Good for you! I’m always afraid I’ll mess up when I try new stuff. What made you decide to try something new? I’d like to get motivated. Maybe you have some ideas you can share.

    • The podcast wasn’t completely new for me. I ran a live call-in BlogTalkRadio show back in 2007 (targeting key client groups). And I worked on audio plays with Yolander Prinzel (in 2009 I believe, maybe 2010). I also come from a music background, so audio work is a natural fit for me. The podcast was in my plans for a long time. I just hadn’t had the time to flesh things out. I think a part of my hesitation was that I felt like I had to do a traditional interview-style show. But the thing is, I don’t enjoy listening to them. So I certainly didn’t want to run one. It wasn’t until I decided to finally run my show my way and see how it goes that I jumped in. The solo show gives me a lot of freedom in how, when, and where I record. And the guest co-hosts should help me mix it up every once in a while without the interview vibe that I want to avoid in the show. Sometimes it’s the “how” that holds you back, and that was the case for me. I’m not getting comfortable with the new format, so I’m things will keep getting better over time. But it’s a huge relief just to have started given how long I’ve wanted to do this. If you want to do something, just try it, even if it’s only for yourself (I could have recorded and never released the first episode if I wasn’t happy with it for example). I’m not sure how much that helps, but that’s the way things worked out for me with this project. 🙂

  2. Glad I ran into this update! Most authors believe once they get published, their life will change completely. It certainly does, but not always the way they thought, as bad reviews may crush them. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.

    • I’ll give you a quick summary of my thoughts on this: either grow a thick enough skin for this business or find another business. Oh, and don’t act like a complete whackjob under the illusion you’re fighting some “good fight.” 😉

      Even though these kinds of stories are the exception rather than the rule, I’m always amazed when they happen. But what’s even more disturbing is seeing other authors pile on in support. Mass delusion is a scary thing.


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