All Freelance Writing Podcast Episode 17 - Media Outlets Not Paying Writers

The All Freelance Writing Podcast officially re-launched yesterday with Episode 17. Lori Widmer stopped by the show again to serve as my guest co-host, so a big "thank you" to Lori.

Some of the things we touch on in this episode include:

  • The Huffington Post, and Stephen Hull's stance that he's "proud" to not pay their bloggers;
  • Why freelance professionals should care about (and keep speaking up against) large media outlets when they implement these policies;
  • An important difference between media outlets not paying writers vs publishing content on social networks for free;
  • How HuffPo stacks up against content mills (not terribly well);
  • The myth that small clients (like solopreneurs) can't afford to pay professional freelance writing rates, and why it's your own fault if you aren't finding more than low-paying gigs in those markets;
  • The difference between writing that should be paid for and writing for marketing's sake (and how your scheduling is important so you don't fall into a low- or no-pay rut);
  • Why you shouldn't follow just one coach or mentor's advice (and why you shouldn't parrot their bad or inapplicable advice to other newer writers);
  • Why more experienced freelancers speak out against these things (and some of the benefits newer writers are seeing today because so many of us have);
  • Why you shouldn't take personal offense when someone criticizes a publication you choose to write for (hint: it's not all about you).

You can listen to the episode below or check out the show notes for more details and related links. (If you're reading this post through your email subscription, you can listen to the episode by visiting the show notes page linked here.)

Next Friday's episode will cover simple tricks you can use to keep yourself motivated to write (a topic suggested by Dann Alexander -- I'll be covering two of his questions in episodes 18 and 20). The following week I'll be joined by Princess Jones to talk about fear and confidence issues writers face. Remember you can preview two advance clips from that episode before its release.

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