Podcast: Round Table Chat on the Changing Freelance Writing Industry

The Evolution of the Freelance Writing Industry - The Podcast

The All Freelance Writing Podcast returns today with a very special episode.

This is the first group episode of the show. I'm joined by my "go-to gals" -- Yolander Prinzel, Cathy Miller, and Lori Widmer -- for a round table style discussion about the changing freelance writing industry and what they've learned as veterans in their field.

The ladies weigh in on several things including:

  • Freelance writing specialties -- including how they chose or stumbled into theirs;
  • Marketing strategies for freelance writers -- including their top marketing methods;
  • How the freelance writing industry (and their specialty markets) have changed in the last 5-10 years);
  • What they would have done differently if they could start their freelance careers over today, knowing what they know now;
  • Their top advice for newer freelance writers.

Check out the show notes for more background on this episode, or click the link below to listen now on SoundCloud.

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